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There are many ways to get a stimulant boost throughout the day, but none quite like Drive Gum. Our tasty mint flavoured formulation is made with 25mg of plant-derived caffeine per piece, helping you sharpen your focus within just a few minutes of chewing.

Coffee, energy drinks, pre-workout supplements and plain old chewing gum have their place, but when you want to enliven your senses and freshen your breath in one go Drive Gum has you covered.

The caffeine in Drive Gum beats energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages in terms of uptake speed thanks to sublingual and buccal absorption mechanisms, where blood vessels in the mouth absorb the caffeine directly – faster than absorption through the digestive tract.
Known to improve concentration, memory recall, reaction time and reduce feelings of fatigue, caffeine from the Amazonian Guarana plant has long been used as an effective stimulant, without leading to the over-cooked feeling of adrenal fatigue.

Whilst we love coffee too, the average cup can contain chemicals not conducive to a refreshed feeling including acrylamide, dimethyl disulfide and various acidic compounds.
Drive Gum aims to simplify things with 25mg of caffeine from Guarana extract and no sugar or aspartame. Each pack contains 9pcs and 225mg of caffeine in total.
Ingredients: Intense sweeteners (sorbitol, isomalt, maltitol syrup, sucralose, acesulfame potassium), gum base (contains soy lecithin), flavours, guarana extract Arabic gum, glycerol, artificial colour, carnauba wax, antioxidant (BHT).

Take normal precautions relating to caffeine – not recommended for caffeine sensitive persons, children under 16 or pregnant women. Drive Gum is WADA compliant, containing no prohibited ingredients. 

Chew Drive Gum 5 mins prior to any activity – exercise, meetings, studying, commuting – whenever you want to be on your game. Each serve is mild enough to be enjoyed at any time throughout the day or night, while giving you the option of chewing a few pieces in succession to amplify the effect.


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